House of Skills

House of Skills is a public-private partnership in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It brings together representatives from the business community, industry bodies, employee and business associations, universities and research institutes, the education sector and local government. Together, we are working to transform today’s labour market to be more focused on skills, creating a culture where intersectoral mobility is simplified and lifelong learning is the norm. House of Skills is developing a number of tools to better facilitate skills matching. In doing so, we are setting up experiments, pilots and working with a variety of partners.

Career coaching

Note: Due to the Coronavirus, De Werkvloer is closed. It is still possible to sign up for career interviews. For the time being the interviews will take place via Facetime / Skype.

House of Skills Tools

The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room (De Paskamer) is an online tool for assessment and matching. You create a personal profile based on your skills. The tool then offers you clear insights into which career opportunities may be a good fit for you. Employers can specify what skills best connect to each role so that matches can be made. This platform is available in English.


With Mijnhouseofskills (Myhouseofskills) you can create your own skills profile, with which you can be matched to specific jobs. The platform shows you vacancies available matching your skillsprofile. You can also see what training and schooling is possible to obtain necessary skills for the these jobs. This platform is only available in Dutch.

Skills Passport

The basis of the Skills Passport is an assessment of skills, helping you gain more insight into your personal skills and ambitions. The Skills Passport should become a document that’s just as important as a CV and diplomas for employees and job seekers, making it easier to find new work.

a labour market focused on skills

Regional Skills Agreement

To realise a labour market that is more focused on skills, House of Skills has initiated the Regional Skills Agreement (Regionaal Skillsakkoord). For this, House of Skills has brought together more than 90 crucial players, including social partners, governmental parties, members of the business community, schools, universities and research institutes and other relevant executive agencies – both at a national and regional level. With the Skills Agreement, House of Skills is building a coalition of partners that are committed to putting skills at the forefront in the labour market.

where future employment scenarios can be envisaged

De Werkvloer (The Workplace)

De Werkvloer (The Workplace ) is where future employment scenarios can be envisaged. Here you can attend a free careers interview and obtain information about work and training opportunities. De Werkvloer (The Workplace) is situated in OBA Oosterdok (the Amsterdam Public Library’s central location) on the first floor. Address: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam: 1e etage Oosterdokskade 143 1011 DL Amsterdam

Who is House of Skills for?

House of Skills develops products and services for employers, employees and job seekers in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


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