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House of Skills

House of Skills is a public-private partnership in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We bring together representatives from the business community, industry bodies, employee and business associations, universities and research institutes, the education sector and local government. Our mission is to direct today’s labour market towards a more skillsbased focus, by making intersectoral mobility easier, and by approaching learning as a lifelong practice. To do this, House of Skills develops tools that facilitate skills matching for employers, employees, and for people who are currently looking for work.


From Flight attendant to Healthcare

Flight attendant Karin van Bulderen turned toward a job in healthcare for the elderly. Early on in the pandemic she anticipated that the travel industry would be facing hard times. “When KLM offered me a trajectory in elderly care I jumped at the opportunity. After an online training I now work for a healthcare facility for people with beginning dementia. It is very much to my liking. As a flight attendant, I also often paid extra attention to elderly passengers. Skills like being hospitable, stress resistant and able to act quickly are very useful in this work.”

Towards a more skills oriented labour market

The labour market is the Achilles heel of our economy. Jobs change and disappear, because of technological developments. Education is not always well-connected with jobs that are needed. However, job loss leads to welfare rather than mobility towards new jobs. Therefore, the labour market needs to be more adaptive and agile.

As a public-private partnership, House of Skills seeks to realize structural mobility to and between work, both in economic downturn or economic boom.

House of Skills aims to reduce mismatches by investing in lifelong learning and strengthening the long-term employability of vocational workers in particular, by shifting the focus towards their skills rather than their CV’s or diplomas.

Our strategy toward improving the matching process is:

  • Developing a service chain model in and between the domains of education and the labour market;
  • Developing a shared skills foundation and tools that support its realization.


Our tools

The Fitting Room

With The Fitting Room (De Paskamer) you organise various skills into categories based on how good you are at each skill. This way, you create a personal profile centered around your skills. The Fitting Room then displays a number of suggestions of career opportunities that may be a good fit for you. On their end, employers can specify what skills best connect to each role, so that matches can be made. This platform is only available in Dutch.


Myhouseofskills (Mijnhouseofskills) matches you to current job offers based on your skills and work experience. It also shows you possible training and schooling options to obtain necessary skills for certain jobs. This platform is only available in Dutch.

Skills Passport

The basis of the Skills Passport (Skillspaspoort) is an assessment of skills, helping you gain more insight into your personal skills and ambitions. In matching the right employers with the right employees, the Skills Passport should become just as important as a CV and diplomas.


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